assignment log 12.26

for my tiny friend to have something new to point at



fabulous and wintery solstmas 5--especially to xj. http://www.solstmas.org/wiki/index.php/Solstmas

assignment log 12.20

assignment log 12.19 snow hike

as per ab instruct: thermos of hot chocolate, check. flashlight, check. ball of string, check. meow. spooling a thread of liquid


assignment log 12.18 can a void count as an object?

is that a question for georges perec?


assignment log 12.16

tiny diamond

assignment log 12.15

breakfast in the mission (in davis)

assignment log 12.14 -- red tape

i pulled this absentmindedly from my cap today as i edited my final project for hours in front of computer. it covered up a brandname and i wore it daily at one point in my old life around the photo lab.


assignment log II

assignment no.2: sutro park/ farm tour 12.9.06

assignment log, or, the nature of collaboration

assignment no.1: the phenomenon 12.8.06

presence soup

turnip soup made for presence seminar. second food art presentation. unbeknownst to most attendees, it also served as my secret birthday party.