cooking for lynette

on january 16, i commenced the project of preparing weekly art snacks for my teacher.
on the menu for studio visit no. 1:
  • one slice of indian-spiced cornmeal-crust pizza.
curry romanesque cauliflower, shitakes, greens. in tomato sauce (made by cph's mom, from her garden). topped with breadcrumbs and ground walnuts.
"it's very complex--vegan food is often so plain. and i am very hungry."
  • salad of greens from the farm
"do you always make the dressing so tart?"
january 23, 2007 penultimate bite
on the menu for studio visit no. 2:
  • roasted cauliflower with mustard seed, coriander, fenugreek, red salt, red pepper flakes
  • red quinoa with chopped parsley and mustard greens
"textures locate the flavors in different places."
what does the practice of cooking for my teacher mean to me? it's commitment to a practice. creating a space, a framework for our conversations. a way to contextualize making something new every week. commitment to a (near-)weekly practice of self-enforced nourishment. cooking for my teacher has a precedent (i was reminded). as barter for enrollment in the independent school of art in 2005, i cooked food for jon rubin, my teacher.
"this feels like a project."
penultimate erstwhile thoroughfare


assignment log 01.08.07

i went again on an unsuccessful mushroom hunt today, thinking i would try to find the ceramic chantrelle that was hidden for me last month (in keeping with this week's assignment). once again, i failed to recognize the obtuse landmarks that should have led me to it, should it still exist. to make up for my unsatisfying hide and seek field trip, i photographed this twig that i collected on my first venture into the outside world on 01.01.07, as a mushroom stand-in.


assignment log 01.07.07

evolving altar of 007. found today, featuring 7 cuplike (though not hollow) items; yesterday's 7 items were eucalyptus nuts collected in golden gate park on 12.31.07, during twilight walk. found in sculpture garden portion of de young museum (which, to this day, remains the only portion i have actually visited, despite several attempts). 2006 and 2007 bookended by ambulations. this must be a good sign.

assignment log 01.06.07

photographic object collection assignment revision for week of 01.06.07-01.13.07: each day's object is a found secret or hidden item. squirreled away, or left for another. it is acceptable for me to be hider and also finder. no.1: magickal miniature treehole garden


assignment log 01.03

behemoth benign balaklava boston cream pie bastardization bird song ballerina breath mint boy scout beat by bigtop breakbeat bellow benchmark bardo baling wire bunnyfinger breathe blade breath constriction backward boltcutter beginning broadside brunelleschi bruiser buckwheat browse bohemian bolivia bonfire bemuse byword blowjob bellweather babysit backlog bacillus blank verse blandishment buxom bond bodily bricks backbend been brine bellyache boil baste burr boolean bluestocking batten

assignment log 01.02


assignment log 12.31

assignment log 12.30

i got served breakfast twice today.

assignment log 12.29

everything they served me was round. pizzas, tomatoes, tarts, tiny cookies.