The Pepper Peddler

The Pepper Peddler roasts fair-trade coffee in their fantastic custom-built, bicycle-powered contraption on Wednesday nights in Davis. [please forgive atrocious number of hyphens]

peddle II

and then delivers them by bicycle to your doorstep on Friday mornings. thepepperpeddler.com


irony, twenty first century-style

cellphone photograph of last remaining phone booth in davis, ca


i shot harvey milk's suit

a somewhat macabre honour. i got to document *the* suit along with other ephemera for a catalogue of the GLBTHS exhibition "passionate struggle" about san francisco's queer history. i also got to photograph sylvester's purple sequin suit--all 6'5" of it..


Instructional Photograph no. 17

Instructional Photograph no. 17: Instruction for how to grow some appendages for responsivity and receptivity [for Xylor Jane]

Instructional Photograph no. 15

Instructional Photograph no. 15: Instruction for how to stay calm in a windstorm [for Kat and Zoey Kroll]

Instructional Photograph no. 14

Instructional Photograph no. 14: Purloin -- Instruction for how to make what is [for Margaret Tedesco]

Instructional Photograph no. 11

Instructional Photograph no. 11: Instruction for how to breathe [for Ilya Noe]

Instructional Photograph no. 8

Instructional Photograph no. 8: Instruction for how to sleep deeply and undisturbed every night, enjoying dreams and nocturnal journeys [for Carmen J. White]

Instructional Photograph no. 7

Instructional Photograph no. 7: Instruction for how to point to the future [for Amy Balkin]

Instructional Photograph no. 6

Instructional Photograph no. 6: Instruction for how to contact the elves [for Erik Davis]

Instructional Photograph no. 5

Instructional Photograph no. 5: Seat of the Self--Instruction for how to discover where consciousness truly resides [for Jennifer Dumpert]

Instructional Photograph no. 3

Instructional Photograph no. 3: Instruction for how to exercise restraint, while performing 22 other important tasks [for Annabeth Rosen]

Instructional Photograph no. 2

Instructional Photograph no. 2: Instruction for how to explain Nigel's overthinking everything to her [for Nigel Poor]

Instructional Photograph no. 1

Instructional Photograph no. 1: Instruction for how to delay time to make space for waiting, or weight time to make space for delay [for Lynette Hunter]


Instructional Photographs

Assignments and tasks have been a part of the arts at least since Yoko Ono’s celebrated book Grapefruit, with its deadpan instructions on dada-inspired actions. Much of performance art in its heyday involved artists giving themselves labors, such as Ann Hamilton’s enormous piles of clothing to be sorted, or Tom Marioni drinking enough Anchor Steam beer to fill his bladder, and then relieving himself into a bucket while standing on a ladder. LissaIvy brings this tradition into the 21st century in Instructional Photographs, her MFA thesis project. Friends and acquaintances are asked to assign her to make a photograph of a poetic emotional or psychological state that they describe, becoming collaborative instigators of her work. A large-scale photograph is indeed the result, along with related visual materials. The exhibition is a conglomeration of these assignments received on postcards, her resulting photoworks, ephemera, notes and marginalia, that in fact document the artist’s circle of peers in a place and time, forming a kind of time capsule. Photography is finding digital means to liberate itself from the tyranny of the rectangle, through conceptual approaches as well as new formal possibilities. LissaIvy contextualizes her lens-based work as one possibility for visual expression among many other forms of self-documentation.

– Renny Pritikin


the glimpsed unland of light

all i want to do this week is read paul auster poems. they are all about earth [celan], eyes [bataille], and light [photography].


MFA exhibition in Davis-don't miss it

2008 UCD MFA Exhibition May 30 through June 20, 2008

Opening on Friday May 30, 5-7 pm at the Memorial Union Gallery and 6-8 pm at the Nelson Gallery

*afterparty at grad studios 8pm

*note: galleries closed on weekends*

Irman Arcibal Caroline Cloak Chau Thuy Huynh Mary Alison Lucas Nickolas Mohanna LissaIvy Tiegel

for directions and such: http://nelsongallery.ucdavis.edu/


mark your calendars

more info next month. directions here: http://nelsongallery.ucdavis.edu/


dismantling the stageset for a secret

Stageset For a Secret
secret performance went on behind this corner stageset at my review last year. what began as a way to take a break from looking at a previous corner piece that wasn't working, turned dramatically theatrical, so i went with it. minimalism really isn't my style.


the orange that stayed in my bag

an orange stayed in a plastic bag inside my backpack, where a moist bit of brownie caused a paperclip to rust itself onto the orange, producing a mould that matched the wall color of my studio at the time. this was last year. posting now, because i packed it up yesterday.


"the caress of the eye over the skin is so utterly, so extraordinarily.. .."

"the caress of the eye over the skin is so utterly, so extraordinarily gentle, and the sensation is so bizarre that it has something of a rooster's horrible crowing."


"compulsive exhibitionists"

i was accused of being too linear. fancy that. in the context of a surreal and performative conversation. by a fellow on rollerblades at an art opening. this has never happened to me before. i'm going to start speaking in straight lines.