fluffball 03.28

03.28.07 11:28-12:24 •cotton batting •green mercerized cotton thread


fluffball 03.27

03.27.07 11:53-1:38 •olive pit •cotton batting •lint •orange embroidery floss •conversation with classmates


fluffball 03.26

03.26.07 1:00-2:03pm -acorn for my fallen squirrel friend (whose body was removed before we got back with a shovel to bury) -cotton batting -blue and red embroidery floss -red glace finish cotton thread


fluffball 03.25

03.25.07 12:11-1:14pm seed hull from studio garden, cotton batting, yellow mercerized cotton thread.

fluffball 03.24

03.24.07 10:27pm green bookcloth from book for lh (that looks like an article of clothing she would wear), thread from aforementioned birthday item (1996), green hemp twine, pink thread foraged from archive of pink shrinic.

fluffball 03.23

03.23.07 fabric scrap portion of birthday gift from cph, 1996. began logging daily fluffball production, including recipe.

did someone call for a pool girl?

because davis offers too few costuming opportunites, i offered my hot tub scrubbing services to ws & rgb this morning. floppy approved of my uniform (see him under my knee)--he likes it when i dress to match him.