Vertical Conspiracy—collaboration with Antero and Sylvi Alli

RESISTANCE—placed on Smelt Trail in Wilbur, CA POSSIBILITIES—placed behind Andy Goldsworthy spire in the Presidio I received an invitation to participate in Sylvi and Antero Alli's Vertical Conspiracy. [Along with 70 other participants, five or six of whom are in the Bay area.] This is how it works. They mailed me eleven cards from their Vertical Oracle* deck. I went out into the world and placed each card in a conspicuous spot [me being me, some spots were more subtle than conspicuous]. The cards have no advertising on them; just an image on one side, with a word—see images above—and a labyrinth on back. Their intention is to bring a moment of unexpected reflection to whomever picks up the card. That's it; that's the Vertical Conspiracy. The idea is to do this during the first week of the new decade. I didn't take the timeframe literally, and placed my last two cards [SOLITUDE, SHELTER] in and around Grace Cathedral last night, after spending some time in the labyrinth. Seemed fitting. Proof that the magick is working already: I tried to give someone the UNSUPERVISED card last week, to place somewhere. Rather than taking it, we discussed its meaning. Yesterday, she pulled the UNSUPERVISED card out of her bag, having found it in a newspaper box on Market and Montgomery Streets in downtown San Francisco. I did not place it there, but clearly she was meant to have it. *for more on THE VERTICAL ORACLE see http://www.freewillastrology.com/allies/vertical.html