tiny salad

tiny salad of local fall greens in grapefruit chile vinaigrette perched atop persimmon slice perch atop a horizontal sphere of persimmon: tiny fall salad featuring local fall greens: arugula, mustards, etc. (designed for mizuna-use it if you can) grapefruit chile vinaigrette chopped toasted walnuts homegrown sprouts pomegranate seeds marinate shiffonade of greens: in grapefruit chile vinaigrette. (juice of one grapefruit pureed with fresh or dried chiles, 2 spoonfuls cippolini onion or shallot, good olive oil, red salt. sweeten to taste with agave nectar and fresh orange juice. puree in blender. keep tasting until you get heat, salt, and sweet balance. keep in mind chiles may take time to come up to their full heat, so start small, and make dressing in advance if possible.) marinating for 30 minutes to an hour wilts greens for manueverability. mound a bit of salad on persimmon slice. top with one or several homegrown sprouts (depending on size). scatter a few tiny chunks of toasted walnut. strew 6-8 pomegranate seeds. present resting on a tiny pedestal, if possible. serve to class of 10. create living diagram of class by soliciting tiny free-associated stories; one per person per element of salad. if you feel adventurous: try blending some avocado into dressing and let me know how it goes. lissa ivy november 7, 2006 served to “presence” seminar classmates


hazelnut. in room 229 at approximately 6:20pm on wednesday, october 25, 2006. i picked it up. while engaged in conversation with a classmate, I absently rolled it between my fingers. i dug my thumbnail into its body, inadvertently bisecting the object. but I put it back together and left it on the lefthand corner of the chalkboard at the back of the room. please claim it if you lost it.