MFA exhibition in Davis-don't miss it

2008 UCD MFA Exhibition May 30 through June 20, 2008

Opening on Friday May 30, 5-7 pm at the Memorial Union Gallery and 6-8 pm at the Nelson Gallery

*afterparty at grad studios 8pm

*note: galleries closed on weekends*

Irman Arcibal Caroline Cloak Chau Thuy Huynh Mary Alison Lucas Nickolas Mohanna LissaIvy Tiegel

for directions and such: http://nelsongallery.ucdavis.edu/


mark your calendars

more info next month. directions here: http://nelsongallery.ucdavis.edu/


dismantling the stageset for a secret

Stageset For a Secret
secret performance went on behind this corner stageset at my review last year. what began as a way to take a break from looking at a previous corner piece that wasn't working, turned dramatically theatrical, so i went with it. minimalism really isn't my style.


the orange that stayed in my bag

an orange stayed in a plastic bag inside my backpack, where a moist bit of brownie caused a paperclip to rust itself onto the orange, producing a mould that matched the wall color of my studio at the time. this was last year. posting now, because i packed it up yesterday.


"the caress of the eye over the skin is so utterly, so extraordinarily.. .."

"the caress of the eye over the skin is so utterly, so extraordinarily gentle, and the sensation is so bizarre that it has something of a rooster's horrible crowing."