prize for most dorkily obscure costume? for halloween, i went as a photoshop healing brush tool. costume involved grabbing someone in one spot, smoothing them over in another.


imaginary landscape [featuring 'the situation']- changed version

the structure improved vastly when we moved the photograph out to the backyard.


stacks of equal weight [october 13, 2007]

The Gallery at the Memorial Union presents *Stacks of Equal Weight*, an exhibition featuring works by Irman Arcibal, Caroline Cloak, Lissa Ivy Tiegel, and Mary Alison Lucas. [click on invite to enlarge] Artists' Reception: Saturday October 13 6-9pm Exhibition Dates: October 4 - October 26, 2007 Gallery Hours: Monday - Friday, 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.

imaginary landscape [featuring 'the situation']

photograph was installed resting on the two arms you see to the right.

imaginary landscape [featuring 'the situation']

the situation

this image started inside the imaginary landscape. [you may recognize it from 12.28 post.] not the right place for it at all. it soon found a home out behind the structure..it became the backyard. you ascend a staircase [made of cinderblocks sandwiched between thin pieces of sanded plywood] to enter the slanted room construction. the floor slopes down to exit from 5' at entrance platform. it's mildly disorienting. reports of vertigo. dr. caligari meets alice: experience of many angles; one end makes you larger, one end very small. underneath, one may lay on the ground looking up at the floor supports. shifting incisions onencircling walls.

imaginary landscape [featuring 'the situation']

Caroline Cloak and Lissa Ivy Tiegel will present a site-specific piece entitled imaginary landscape [featuring ‘the situation’], their second collaborative large-scale structure since beginning their graduate work last year. The artists incorporate architectural deviations and photographic imagery into an enclosure that precipitates a reflection on how we interact with space and place by restricting the sensory input of viewers through dramatic shifts inperception, scale, and height within a controlled environment. The piece frames a dialogue between two distinct artistic visions as evident within their individual works included in the exhibition. Cloak addresses a range of conceptual themes that intersect with the physical qualities of her architectural sculpture including deconstruction and reconstruction, artificiality and futility, repetition and geometric patterning, and the breakdown of interior and exterior distinctions. Ivy examines the photographic image as a physical object reworking conventions of storytelling and interweaving a dynamic of periphery, place, and multi-sensory experience to bring intricate and visceral moments into the field of vision for the viewer. [from press release by heather mikolaj]

imaginary landscape [featuring 'the situation']

imaginary landscape [featuring 'the situation']--in progress

this is what happens in graduate school

apparently the mountain of books one is allowed to check out of the library as a graduate student has a three-time renewal limit..


studying for signs of a queen

with hands swollen from repeated stings, the bee friends tend to their hive. are all three queens m.i.a.? are there signs of swarming, or simply hot late afternoon agitation?


catalogued: fluffball project

for one month, i preserved tiny objects and thoughts in balls of string [see following posts]. a rather absurd form of time capsule. not especially protected. more about the act of hiding than preserving. a daily practice experiment. the fluffballs are roughly modeled after the red glitterball in my pocket. the images are displayed on four narrow blue shelves. the objects sit in a shallow box for easy handling by visitors. under this box, recipes written on tags hang off of 3 long nails.

fluffball 04.23

04.23.07 2:31-3:16pm
  • pink lace from mouldy sprouts
  • thread scraps from organizing supplies
  • c.b.o.a.c. garden-found batting
  • uncanny cotton
  • hemp twine
  • yellow embroidery floss

fluffball 04.22

04.22.07 3:13-3:56pm
  • desk waste [including: tiny yellow flower petals, thread & floss scraps from previous fluffball making, human and feline hair, pencil shavings]
  • pink mould lace
  • uncanny cottonwood cotton
  • batting
  • hemp twine
  • yellow embroidery floss

fluffball 04.21

04.21.07 5:22-6:17pm
  • uncanny cottonwood tree cotton
  • yellow flower petals [calendula?]
  • mini fluffball [olive green]
  • hemp twine
  • olive green embroidery floss

fluffball 04.20

04.20.07 4:58-5:21pm
  • cotton from uncanny cottonwood
  • blue paint over white paint over rust--chipped off of work table
  • c.b.o.a.c. garden-found batting
  • hemp twine
  • olive green embroidery floss

fluffball 04.19

04.19.07 12:41-1:11pm
  • lace from mouldy sprouts
  • uncanny cottonwood thread
  • found batting
  • hemp twine
  • brown embroidery floss
  • dark green mercerized cotton/poly thread

fluffball 04.18

04.18.07 5:28-6:03 pm
  • cotton from uncanny farm cottonwood tree
  • found batting
  • hemp twine
  • red embroidery floss
  • shiny light blue thread

fluffball 04.17

04.17.07 12:08-12:39pm
  • cotton from uncanny farm cottonwood tree
  • found batting
  • hemp twine
  • shiny light blue thread

fluffball 04.16

04.16.07 11:19-11:40am
  • c.b.o.a.c. dirt
  • batting found in c.b.o.a.c. garden
  • hemp twine
  • yellow thread scrap
  • maroon thread

fluffball 04.15

fluffball 04.14

fluffball 04.13

04.13.07 9:44-10:16am
  • leftover thread scraps from previously rendered fluffballs
  • polyester batting
  • hemp twine
  • lime green embroidery floss

fluffball 04.12

04.12.07 1. 4:41-5:12 pm 2. 5:12-5:44pm
  • c.b.o.a.c. garden dirt
  • polyester batting
  • hemp twine
  • shiny light brown thread
  • same recipe for both--the second is the smaller one

fluffball 04.11

fluffball 04.10

fluffball 04.09

fluffball 04.08

fluffball 04.07

fluffball 04.06

fluffball 04.05

04.05.07 9:24-10:11am
  • found raw cotton
  • the key to unlock a lock
  • lime green embroidery floss


fluffball 04.04

04.04.07 10:22-11:03 •found raw cotton •red embroidery floss •some knots


fluffball 04.03

04.03.07 12:01-12:25pm •found raw cotton •blue embroidery floss •waves of nausea

fluffball 04.02

04.02.07 4:10-4:58pm •raw cotton found outside theatre building •green embroidery floss