imaginary landscape [featuring 'the situation']

Caroline Cloak and Lissa Ivy Tiegel will present a site-specific piece entitled imaginary landscape [featuring ‘the situation’], their second collaborative large-scale structure since beginning their graduate work last year. The artists incorporate architectural deviations and photographic imagery into an enclosure that precipitates a reflection on how we interact with space and place by restricting the sensory input of viewers through dramatic shifts inperception, scale, and height within a controlled environment. The piece frames a dialogue between two distinct artistic visions as evident within their individual works included in the exhibition. Cloak addresses a range of conceptual themes that intersect with the physical qualities of her architectural sculpture including deconstruction and reconstruction, artificiality and futility, repetition and geometric patterning, and the breakdown of interior and exterior distinctions. Ivy examines the photographic image as a physical object reworking conventions of storytelling and interweaving a dynamic of periphery, place, and multi-sensory experience to bring intricate and visceral moments into the field of vision for the viewer. [from press release by heather mikolaj]

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