cooking for lynette

on january 16, i commenced the project of preparing weekly art snacks for my teacher.
on the menu for studio visit no. 1:
  • one slice of indian-spiced cornmeal-crust pizza.
curry romanesque cauliflower, shitakes, greens. in tomato sauce (made by cph's mom, from her garden). topped with breadcrumbs and ground walnuts.
"it's very complex--vegan food is often so plain. and i am very hungry."
  • salad of greens from the farm
"do you always make the dressing so tart?"
january 23, 2007 penultimate bite
on the menu for studio visit no. 2:
  • roasted cauliflower with mustard seed, coriander, fenugreek, red salt, red pepper flakes
  • red quinoa with chopped parsley and mustard greens
"textures locate the flavors in different places."
what does the practice of cooking for my teacher mean to me? it's commitment to a practice. creating a space, a framework for our conversations. a way to contextualize making something new every week. commitment to a (near-)weekly practice of self-enforced nourishment. cooking for my teacher has a precedent (i was reminded). as barter for enrollment in the independent school of art in 2005, i cooked food for jon rubin, my teacher.
"this feels like a project."
penultimate erstwhile thoroughfare

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